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New! Motion Control Components & Technology Added 4-18-2015

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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Is Your Work Place Safe? ... STI introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size. It is based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

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MICROMO’s New FAULHABER 2057…BHS Brushless DC Servo Motor!

Robust, High Speed Motors for Medical and Dental Handpieces

Motion Control Miniature Motor from MICROMO

Clearwater, Florida - Motion Control - The new FAULHABER 2057…BHS Brushless DC Servo Motors are designed to address the specific requirements of the medical and dental handpiece markets. While remaining cool to the touch, the high efficiency, slotless design features smooth speed control with a wide continuous duty speed range up to 40,000 rpm. The motors are capable of handling intermittent overload conditions to address highly dynamic motion over shorter cycle times. Low vibration, which reduces user fatigue, and low audible noise are ideal for long periods of use in sensitive medical and dental patient environments.

Click here for more information about These High Speed Brushless Motors from MICROMO!

MCA Webinar - "Servo Solutions to Mobile Automation Challenges?" - Sponsored by Electromate!

Motion Control Webinar Sponsored by Electromate

Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada -- Join us for a FREE Webinar on April 21st at 11:00 EST. Register Today!

With automation expanding out of the factory, machine builders are faced with a varying set of new challenges. Mobile platforms, such as unmanned systems, are expected to operate in extreme environments and carry their own power source; all while being light weight and compact. To meet the current and future needs of the market, enabling technologies need to be applied and discovered. At the forefront of the enabling technologies are servo drive controllers.

Click here for more information about This Important Webinar Sponsored by Electromate and to Register!

"Polynoid" Linear Actuators from H2W Technologies!!

Motion Control -Polynoid Linear Actuators from H2W Technologies

Santa Clarita, CA —-- Linear Motion Actuators – With the recent acquisition of the Baldor linear motion product line, H2W Technologies now manufactures an extensive line of AC Polynoid Linear Actuators. The highly customizable AC Polynoid Linear Actuator is an open loop AC linear induction motor that provides a constant force over its entire stroke. It is comprised of two basic parts, a rod and a stator, and can run directly off of 115/230 VAC line voltage or with an adjustable frequency drive. The stator is a series of interconnected coils that are housed in a toothed steel assembly. The rod is a copper clad steel shaft.

Click here for more information about Polynoid Linear Actuators from H2W Technologies!

New Steinmeyer PMT 160 Stages Are Driven by Modern Piezo Technology!

Steinmeyer PMT 160 Piezo Driven Stage

BURLINGTON, MA --Steinmeyer, Inc. announced another addition to its extensive family of linear positioning stages. The new PMT-160-NM Series of stages. These are high precision linear stage with 160mm width and driven by modern piezo technology. The linear stages of the PMT series are optimized especially for use in the metrology world. Outstanding low deviations from straightness and flatness as well as high system accuracies characterize these stages.

Click here for more information about Piezo Driven Metrology Stages from Steinmeyer!

Maxon Motor introduces the Miniature Right Angle Spiroid® Gear!

Maxon Motor Introduces New! Right Angle Miniature Gearhead

Maxon Motors Spiroid Gearhead. Designed to achieve maximum torque with minimal space!

Fall River, MA -- Maxon Precision Motors introduces right angle gearheads designed to be configured with maxon’s 22mm and 32mm dc motors. These compact, lightweight and high torque gearheads were developed to transmit power at 90deg in the smallest possible form factor. The Spiroid® technology incorporated in the gearhead design offers a number of performance benefits!

Click here for more information about Maxon Motor's Miniature Right Angle Spiroid® Gear Head!

Linear Focus Actuator Features, 20 mm Clear Optical Path, <50 nanometer Repeatability, and <3 miliseconds Response Time!


Sunnyvale, CA --The LFA-2010 Linear Focus Actuator from Equipment Solutions is a high performance compact motion control positioner, specifically developed for optical applications requiring both high precision and high speed positioning over a short to medium stroke. The LFA-2010 actuator has a 10 mm range of motion with <50 nanometer positioning repeatability, and a small step response of time of <3 milliseconds. This high force, low noise voice coil motor is typically configured with an analog position feedback sensor and can be optionally equipped with a 1um resolution digital quadrature feedback element.

Click here for more information about Linear Focus Actuators from Equipment Solutions

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