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New! Motion Control Components & Technology Added 9-16-2014

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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI), introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

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Multi-Head Linear Motor Positioning System!

H2W Single Rail Linear Position Stages

Santa Clarita, CA —-- H2W Technologies introduces a multi-headed linear motor positioning stage which is ideal for applications that require independent control of multiple axis on a single plane. All motors share the same magnet track and encoder scale. Each moving table has an independent 1 micron resolution linear encoder head for position feedback. This allows for multi-axis motion control. It is assembled on a single piece of aluminum extrusion. Optionally, H2W can supply the system with fully integrated electronics to operate the stage under synchronized multi-axis closed loop motion control.

Click here for more information on These Multi Head Linear Motionsystems from H2W Technologies!

MICROMO Application - Piezo Motors Power MRI Robot!

Combining magnetic field immunity with high precision motion over inches of travel, piezo “leg” motors walk the line.

MICROMO Application - Piezo Motors used in MRI

Clearwater, Florida - Motion Control Application - Surgeons treating brain cancer face a conundrum: They can capture ultra-high-resolution images of the tumor using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or they can use ultra-precise surgical tools to remove the tumor, but they can't do both at the same time. At least they couldn't previously. Today, Worcester Polytechnic Institute professor Greg Fischer, is busy developing a surgical robot designed for use inside an MRI machine. Guided by real-time feedback, the robot can position a high-energy, interstitial focused ultrasound probe exactly at the tumor, delivering optimal surgical results and an ideal outcome for the patient.

Click here for more information on These Piezo Motors from MICROMO!

Small, Low Cost, Highly Reliable, "Pick & Hold" PWM Modules Available from OES!

Small, Low Cost Pick-and-Hold Module available from OES

Van Nuys, CA - Motion Control – Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) offers a very low cost solution for solenoid control electronics. In Pick & Hold applications a higher (Pick) force is required initially and then a switch is made to a lower continuous (Hold) force. This compact (3.00 in. x 3.00 in. x .85 in.) PH-ET "Pick & Hold" module is easy to integrate into new and existing applications. This module is based on a micro-controller that can easily be reprogrammed for your application. This very reliable module is ideal for driving: Solenoids, valves, relays, actuators, DC motors including voice coil and moving magnet linear motors, hydraulics, electromagnets, and LEDs.

Click here for more information on These Pick-and-Hold Modules available from OES!

Maxon Motor - BLDC Motor EC 19 and Planetary Gearhead GP 19!

High power up to 120 W, speeds up to 100,000 rpm, sterilizable 1000 times from Maxon Motors

Maxon motion control EC19 Motor and GP19 Gearhead

Fall River, MA -- The new motion control brushless drive with a diameter of 19 mm has been specially designed for high speeds and features low heat development and extremely quiet and low-vibration running. This little powerhouse has applications in centers for miniaturized processing, hand-held tools and medical technology. When combined with planetary gearheads, many possible variations are available for motion control applications in these key markets.

Click here for more information on These Miniature Brushless DC Motors and Gearheads from Maxon!

AMC Releases 14 New 60A and 100A DigiFlex Performance Servo Drives!

Servo2Go - AMC's- Digiflex Series of Servo Drives

Greenville, DE --— Camarillo, CA- Advanced Motion Controls announces the release of 14 new 60Amp and 100Amp servo drives to the DigiFlex Performance family.

These panel mount motion control drives take up to 240VAC 3 phase or 373VDC input power with a variety of feedback options including: Incremental Encoder, Resolver, Absolute and Universal.

All DigiFlex® digital servo drives can operate brushed and brushless servomotors, and voice coils. All models utilize digital current and vector control algorithms in order to obtain optimal performance.

Click here for more information on These DigiFlex Performance Servo Drives Available from Servo2Go!

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