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New! Motion Control Components & Technology Added 1-24-2015

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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI), introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

Click here for more information.

Keep Your Work Place Safe! Click here to Order

Integration Made Easy Using Maxon's EPOS Positioning Controllers!

Maxon motion control EPOS Positioning Controllers

Fall River, MA - Motion Control - The maxon motor EPOS2 motion controllers for DC brushed and brushless motors are enhanced by even more possible fields of applications. Deployment of computer-based drive control rather than traditionally used PLC systems are becoming more and more prevalent in practice. To stay ahead of this trend, maxon has updated the EPOS2 libraries to support CANopen interfaces from Kvaser and NI-XNET, in addition to our existing solutions (NI, IXXAT, Vector). In additon, new opportunities unfold for computer platforms with serial communication via USB or RS232 under Windows or Linux. The existing libraries for Intel/AMD (Windows 32/64-Bit, Linux 32-Bit) are further extended with a Linux 64-Bit version. Additional support of 32-Bit ARMv6/v7 solutions allows the broad scale use of trend platforms, such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone. True to the principle “Easy-to-use POsitioning System”, simple and fast incorporation into a wide range of solutions with extended, no cost, libraries is supported.

Click here for more information about these Easy to Integrate Maxon EPOS Positioning Controllers

Hollow Core Rotary Actuators Are Available from JVL!

Hollow Core Rotary Actuator with Integrated Servo and Stepper Motors

Birkerød, Denmark and Morrow, OH (USA) -- Our new series of Hollow Rotary Actuators, HDCT, offer the easiest possible installation of rotary table applications. Depending on your application you can choose between servo and stepper motors – with or without built-in (absolute) encoders. Mechanically they are ready to install – and mounting of rotating discs have never been easier. At the same time you gain the usual benefits of JVL’s integrated motors also making electrical installation child’s game.


Click here for more information about these Hollow Core Rotary Actuators With Integrated Servo and Stepper Motors from JVl

Precision Manual XYZ Stage from OES!

Precision XYZ Manual Stage from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems)

Van Nuys, CA —-- Motion Control - This manual crossed roller XYZ-axis positioning stage is made of aluminum alloy with an black anodized coating. The table size is 25 x 25 mm has a body weight of 0.16 Kgf. The maximum load of this super thin table is 1 Kgf. The movement accuracy is Straightness 5µm ,Vertical yawing 30" and Parallel yawing 25".


Click here for more information about this High Precision Manual XYZ Stage from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems)

Servo-Tek Publish 8 Page Comprehensive DC Tachometer Catalog!

Servo2Go - Motion Control ServoTek DC Tachometers

Greenville, DE --— Motion Control Literature - The new Servo-Tek Products Company tachometer catalog includes detailed specifications of all Servo-Tek high performance DC tachometers for precision speed control applications.

A Servo-Tek DC tachometer generator provides a convenient and economical means of converting rotational speed into an isolated analog voltage signal suitable for remote indication and control. While the catalog contains information on their most popular models, Servo-Tek also manufacture countless special tach generators.

Click here for more information about this Comprehensive catalog of DC Tachometers available from Servo2Go

Automated Biopsy System Powered by Miniature DC Motors!

Motion Control Application - Encor System used MICROMO Miniature Motors

Compact, High-Torque Motors Power Handheld Automated Biopsy System For Increased Speed of Sampling, Ease Of Use And Faster Patient Recovery!


Clearwater, Florida - Motion Control Application - Breast biopsies have come a long way from the open surgical procedures of decades past. With the improved procedures of today, technicians remove the tissue using a several-mm-diameter cannula inserted in the breast. While this is a significant improvement over the previous traditional method, this approach can still require multiple insertions of the cannula for optimal sampling, which increases tissue trauma and recovery time. When medical device manufacturer SenoRx decided to develop an automated, handheld system capable of harvesting multiple samples with a single insertion, they turned to compact FAULHABER® high-torque motors, from MICROMO.

Click here for more information about This important diagnostic tool's use of MICROMO's Miniature Motors

Application Story - Loading Docks' Corrosion Problems - Solved by LM76!

Linear Motion Control  - LM76 Application - Loading Dock Problem Solved!

East Longmeadow, MA - Linear Motion Control Application --

The Problem - An LM76 customer is a manufacturer of loading dock ramps. These systems are installed in every state and experience all climates and conditions. Each dock section employs a 1" shaft and linear bearings for length adjustment. Delivery trucks are side-loaded so the platform is adjusted outward to meet the truck body so loaders/unloaders have a safe walkway between building and truck. If the ramp cannot be properly adjusted because its rusted, frozen solid, gaps between the loading dock and the truck body become fall-through hazards for workers.

Click here for more information about The Answer to this serious corrosion problem

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